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Jiangyin 40T Material Handling Truck

DATE: 2020-12-12
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The BWP type trackless truck is widely used as a short-distance transportation tool, and can also be used in the workshop to transport heavy objects across the span with a crane. Compared with rail cars, this series of flat cars do not need to lay tracks and travel routes are not restricted, which is convenient for the transportation of workshop workpieces and other items. It can be widely used in machinery manufacturing plants, warehouses, and metallurgical plants as workshop transportation or with cranes to transport heavy objects across spans. Such as transportation of molds, raw materials, castings and forgings, riveting and welding parts, machined workpieces, and finished products, it is the first choice for special occasions without a power supply or long-distance transportation (industrial AC power supply).

short-distance transportation tool
short-distance transportation tool
Industry Working Condition Handling Material Tonnage Region
Foundry equipment industry Plant material transfer Foundry machinery BWP-40T Jiangyin


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